Bedtime: from a broad national target group to a specific regional target group

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Bedtime is a Belgian sleep shop with shops in Essen and Edegem. Bedtime sells a wide range of products that perfect sleeping pleasure. The products are always of high quality: on the one hand Bedtime sells its own product line Sleep&Dream, on the other hand it sells branded products in the higher segment. The stores provide a total experience of sleeping comfort and inspire customers to transform the entire bedroom.

There is fierce competition in the bed sector. Bed shops, sleep boutiques, large chains, home furnishing stores, but also bed producers themselves are competing for consumer attention. Mass advertising and discounts are being thrown in order to get the attention of as many people as possible.

Such large-scale and often aggressive advertising campaigns also influenced Bedtime’s communication strategy. The bedtime store did not want to be left behind and decided to devote part of its advertising budget to national media channels. Such media are a lot more expensive than local or regional media, but it was expected that Bedtime would also be able to attract customers outside the region.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A retrospective analysis of the sales figures showed that the sales area of the two stores was limited to a radius of 30 kilometres. Advertising outside those regions around the two stores had had no effect whatsoever. In fact, by focusing more on regional brand awareness and local anchoring, sales could have increased significantly.

In 2018, Bedtime’s marketing and communication strategy was thoroughly adjusted. After an extensive work session with the entire team, we developed a Reputation Guide that laid the foundation for a new marketing strategy. We assisted Bedtime with the recruitment and training of a new MC employee. She was given the task of putting the new brand strategy and rebranding into practice.

Market research showed that Bedtime could easily distinguish itself from its competitors by focusing on the excellent service it offers and by maximizing its focus on baby boomers in the higher segment, a target group that is largely present in the Essen and Edegem region. Bedtime no longer turned a blind eye to competition from discounters and home furnishing stores, but decided to focus only on people who value quality, personal advice and service as a sleep specialist. In this way, Bedtime evolved from a broad national target group to a specific regional target group.

Meanwhile, Bedtime implemented a new logo and corporate identity, created a new website, restyled the stores and ran on- and offline rebranding campaigns. We continue to support Bedtime in setting up campaigns and targeted marketing campaigns.