Brand essence of International Food Services (IFS): Human Productivity Impact

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The Belgian company IFS has been offering catering solutions for crews working in remote areas such as on seagoing and offshore vessels for twenty years. IFS ensures that everyone receives a healthy, high-quality meal, carefully prepared with as little waste as possible. IFS sees quality and healthy food as the means to have an impact on the lives of people on board: it improves the well-being of the chef, the staff, the crew and the captain.

In a sector where price is one of the most important decision factors, IFS knows how to position itself in a unique place. As an independent caterer, it can guarantee the best quality at the best price through a global network of suppliers. But that’s not all: the company offers a free training programme for cooks, light ships on safety and hygiene and has its own ingenious monitoring system that provides in-depth insights into the necessary food quantities, nutritional values and safety. Chefs around the world are trained according to this philosophy. The combination of smart data management, an eye for safety and respect for the needs of the crew results in less waste, lower costs and higher productivity and morale on board.


The ‘Human Productivity Impact’ brand essence is reflected in everything IFS does, including life on board. For example, IFS set up its own training centre in Bataan (Philippines) where they train the chefs. IFS works together with an organisation that helps street children to build a future and allows young people to move on from there to its training centre. In this way, it more than lives up to its brand essence in all areas.