Each brand reputation is determined by an interplay of organizational values, work values and perception values. We are convinced that the classic 4 P-marketing (focus on product, price, place and promotion) forms a good basis, but is insufficient to really distinguish yourself from your competitors. None of the four P’s contains the DNA of your brand. And that’s exactly what your competitor can’t copy. That’s why we put maximum effort into added value marketing. And that starts with a strong brand strategy.

Reputation guide: your brand strategy on one A4.

Over the years, we developed and perfected our own three-step model in the form of a ‘Reputation Guide’. We summarise the strategy of a brand on one A4 page. The Reputation Guide is a clear guide for every brand. It also forms the basis for building up your employer brand or content marketing strategy. We published the book ‘People always talk about reputations’, explaining the methodology step by step. This book is used at several university colleges and universities in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Our co-creative approach in the form of work sessions ensures that everything is supported by your team, management or stakeholders. Your time investment? A preparatory homework assignment and half a day for an interactive work session. This information, combined with our desk research, ensures that we have enough material to draw up a Reputation Guide for your brand. Developing a solid brand strategy does not have to be a long process.

Boek cover People always talk about Reputations merkreputatie in drie stappen

Reputation Pocket: your core messages bundled in a substantiated brand story.

Whether it’s journalists, customers or stakeholders: they all expect an honest and clear story that appeals and allows them to believe in your brand. But how do you best build such a brand story communicatively? Which nails should you keep tapping when communicating? What are the right angles to create an attractive and consistent story?


For brands that need a practical communication strategy, we write well-founded and well thought-out storylines, linked to the vision, mission and values of the brand. Everything is neatly bundled in a Reputation Pocket so that the communication line is crystal clear for everyone.

Drawing up a marketing and communication plan.

Working with a plan will save you a lot of time and money in the long run! Based on the Reputation Guide of your brand, we make an extensive marketing and communication plan for you with an analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, target group determination, trends and competition analysis, concrete actions and timings. It gives you and your colleagues a grip to work in a goal-oriented way.


If you opt for a content marketing strategy, we will also work out your content plan.

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