Droessaert: Quality counts. You can count on it…

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Droessaert is a family business active in the bakery sector. The company has been supplying bakery raw materials and products to many bakeries in Flanders for more than 70 years. The family business has always maintained very personal relationships with its customers. The way, place, time of ordering and delivery is organised largely to the customer’s specifications. Need last minute raw materials? That will be taken care of.

Customer intimacy is ingrained in the DNA of this family business. Over the years, the focus on operational excellence has been added. This is necessary, because the baking sector is under pressure and is changing very fast. The market is shrinking and price sensitive. By not choosing a clear focus, taking up their market position becomes increasingly difficult. The company does not want to be the cheapest but the best. This is only achievable through a more efficient and future-oriented operation, including in terms of service. The almost tailor-made customer service will be carefully converted into a transparent, uniform and correct service. In other words: operational excellence comes first. Employees will of course remain flexible, accessible and helpful, but also dare to set clear boundaries. After all, good appointments make good friends!

From the guidance trajectory of Reputations and the competition research that was carried out by us, it soon became clear that Droessaert in brand strategy was very similar to one of its competitors. Droessaert started discussions and decided in early 2020 to merge with Ranson.