2Pass Clinic: The magic of Transition.

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2Pass Clinic is an Antwerp private clinic for trans women. The clinic specializes in surgery and treatments that make trans women more feminine in their appearance, voice and movement. 2Pass Clinic is world renowned for its facial surgery and electrolysis treatment. The private clinic does more than just physical procedures, it focuses on everything that strengthens trans women to go through life as a happy woman. 2Pass Clinic helps to find out how society can embrace them more. It does this through its own foundation, by acting as an opinion leader and actively involving the media. 2Pass Clinic is more than just a clinic: it is a place where trans women feel at home, meet each other and can recover peacefully in a safe environment.

A transition process is a very emotionally charged process. On the one hand, the patient has to rely 100% on the knowledge and skills of the surgeon, and on the other hand, the surgeon has to believe 100% that the surgery he is about to perform is the best choice for the patient. 2Pass Clinic therefore spends a lot of time on the process before surgery. Often the expectations of the treatment are too high or the patient is not emotionally ready for it yet. Integrity and credibility are essential for 2Pass Clinic. After all, the story of one dissatisfied patient can have an enormous impact on the clinic. A patient who is not prepared to accept imperfections, therefore advises 2Pass Clinic not to undergo surgery.

2Pass Clinic asked Reputations to work out its brand strategy. Together we determined a series of focus points from which 2Pass Clinic does not deviate and which serve as a touchstone for its credibility:

  • We must always be able to work professionally and qualitatively
  • We have integrity at all times
  • We are involved with our patient and live in his situation in
  • We work tailor made for each patient
  • We offer a wide range of services and are not limited to facial surgery.
  • We work internationally and carry out consultations all over the world.
  • We offer a comprehensive expert framework
  • We follow strict procedures
  • We are socially committed to trans women


By using these focal points, 2Pass Clinic keeps a firm grip on the helm to realise its greatest ambition: the reference for feminising every determined transversal woman in the world.