Our way of working: tailor-made, honest and well thought-out.

We work thoroughly: we really listen, we ask questions and we do this openly. Trust is essential. We guide our clients and add value to strengthen their brand reputation. We work on a tailor-made basis, diving into the field of industry in order to understand each client and organisation.


We time our hours and work with a transparent hourly rate. Over the years, we have developed and perfected our own model in the form of a so-called ‘Reputation Guide’. In it, we summarise the strategy and profiling of each brand on a single A4 page. For us, this is the basis for creating strong campaigns and channels. If necessary, we work together with our carefully selected partners to be able to deliver an action, channel or campaign in all its facets at a top level.

Our team.

Joke Cortens - kantoor
Joke Cortens.

With the right questions Joke provides a strong and recruiting story.

Youssef Amin portret
Youssef Amin.

Likes to dive into tables to support strategies.

Hanne Buelens
Hanne Buelens.

Driven & enthusiastic strategist, with an eye for goal and detail.

Janne De Wachter
Janne De Wachter.

Enjoys finding the right words and details for powerful communication.

Frederik Picard - kantoor
Frederik Picard.

Marketing strategist who loves to invent brands.

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