Anyone who is pregnant will be overloaded with samples and discount vouchers from the major brands. Fine. Only the ecological products in their range can be counted on one hand. For mothers-to-be who consciously opt for sustainable purchases, it’s a real quest. GreenKit is changing that. Conscious pregnant mothers receive a discovery box with ecological samples of products for baby and mum via their midwife. Saar Vangeel, founder of GreenKit, asked Reputations to create her brand and supervise its launch. For a new company it’s not easy to get media attention, but it’s important. Especially for a product like GreenKit: the more airplay, the more interest sustainable companies have in being part of the green discovery box! We created the brand name GreenKit and tackled the launch in phases: we started with a press release in which we announced the arrival of GreenKit: what is Greenkit, why and when will it be on the market? We looked for specific bloggers, women’s magazines and local press. Then we pinpointed a box where some pregnant mothers received the very first GreenKit box. GreenKit was picked up well in the press nationwide. And so Saar and GreenKit were launched!