Oxypoint is a young Belgian company, spin-off of UAntwerp, specialized in the development of comfortable oxygen therapy in hospitals. As dedicated marketing and communication partner, we help Oxypoint break into the European market through a series of targeted marketing and communication actions.


First we developed a new brand strategy, based on extensive qualitative market research. The strategy was translated into a new corporate identity, website and video. We developed a training programme with an original reward system for hospital teams throughout Europe. These training courses are unique in the medical sector and are very well received by hospital staff.


Because Oxypoint was new in the European market, we focused on the awareness-raising phase in supporting campaigns. For this we came up with a large-scale awareness-raising campaign within and outside the medical sector: the ‘World Cup Inhalation’. Because admit it: nobody breathes in continuously, do they? How is it then that classical oxygen therapy is still administered like this in hospitals?