Draw up buyer personas!

Meug is a taste agency where both professionals and private individuals can go for everything that has to do with a qualitative drink experience. Meug organises and facilitates tastings, festivals and product launches via an extensive network. It also provides a forum for good taste through editorial attention. Meug departs from the story behind the drink in everything it does.

The driving forces behind the taste agency had years of experience within the event and beverage sector when they started in 2015. From the start it was clear: Meug had to become a strong brand for all taste lovers. So they immediately looked at which brand strategy should be developed. Buyer personas were an important part of the exercise.

Drawing up the hypothetical buyer personas went very smoothly thanks to the large internal know-how about the desired audience: soon the buyer personas were drawn up for B-to-B and B-to-C. Everything was then tested against the data available to the partners via their other initiatives (Google Analytics, social metrics, earlier market research). These hypothetical profiles were thoroughly examined at their public tastings, large-scale tax festival in Antwerp and B-to-B events: does everything match reality? Are the different buyer personas sufficiently differentiated and are the motives correct? On the basis of a series of in-depth interviews and an online quantitative survey among all customers, the verified buyer personas could be delivered. They had become people of flesh and blood and Meug knew exactly how to respond to them. Every year, the taste agency updates these buyer personas on the basis of a quantitative survey.