From CiFR to Douano

klanten douano

Nebulosoft is a Belgian company that develops software solutions for the beverage sector. The online software packages simplify the administration for brewers, distilleries and beverage traders, taking into account the excise duties in the sector. Initially, Nebulosoft marketed its software packages under the brand name CiFR. This brand name was an acronym for ‘Customer information, Finance and Reporting’. However, the existing brand name CiFR did not deliver for the company what they had initially expected. customers did not know that it was an abbreviation that referred to the English word ‘cipher’. The desired association with figures did not work, so many customers also mispronounced the brand name: many spoke of ‘siefer’, ‘sjiefer’ or ‘sifer’. Moreover, it turned out that over the years, the abbreviation no longer covered the load and no longer contained the essence of the brand.

After a strategic exercise that resulted in a new mission, vision and working method, Nebulosoft opted for a total rebranding of the software packages including creation of a new brand name and pay-off: Douano – When duty calls. The new brand name had a number of advantages that the company could benefit from:

  • ‘Douano’ immediately reminded people in their most important sales market – Flanders and the Netherlands – of ‘customs’, which was a highly desirable association for the software package.
  • The word ‘douano’ did not mean anything in any language: there were therefore no possible false associations attached to it.
  • The domain name was still available worldwide: this allowed the company to register the domain name in all countries where it was active and planned to go immediately.
  • The name was also still free for trademark registration: the trademark could be registered both word-for-word and in form.
  • What’s more, the word yielded no results in online search engines: a unique feature in times when the battle for the number 1 spot in SEO and SEA search results is fierce.

In addition to the total rebranding, we also developed a new website, drew up a content calendar and assisted Douano in setting up its first national B-to-B marketing campaign. Two years after the launch, Douano became one of the references in administration for the beverage sector.