Depending on the question you want answered, we set up qualitative or quantitative market research, or a combination of both. We make this choice on the basis of a thorough intake interview. Market research does not have to be complicated: the more specific the research question, the more targeted we can find the answer to your question. We have experience with both small-scale, local market research and large-scale, international market research. So, whether you want to question just a handful of people in depth or thousands, as in the case of the brand perception study by University of Antwerp: you can come to us for all types of market research. We do among other things:


  • Brand perception and reputation research
  • Brand Awareness Research
  • Internal and external brand value research
  • User research
  • Audience studies
  • Employee loyalty research
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Feasibility studies

Why is investing in market research smart? The results of a market survey give you the opportunity to really stand out from your competitors and correctly respond to the needs of your customers. Thanks to market research, the right strategic choices can be made. And so you avoid losing a lot of money by launching the wrong product, asking the wrong price or appealing to the wrong target group.

Experience and expertise.

All market research projects are led by Youssef Amin and Frederik Picard. Frederik is a part-time professor of market research and published the book ‘This is Market Research’ (VANIN), the most frequently used handbook on market research at university colleges and universities in Belgium. Each year, Youssef and Frederik conduct dozens of qualitative and quantitative market research studies for companies and organisations in a wide variety of sectors. Their insights into the theoretical framework and the practical do’s and don’ts of market research ensure that each study is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Boek Dit Is Marktonderzoek

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