We will set up a quantitative or qualitative market research for you. This is a selection of what we do:


  • Image research
  • Brand awareness research
  • Value research
  • Audience research
  • Employee research
  • Satisfaction research

Depending on the question you would like to have answered, a qualitative or quantitative study, or a combination of both, will be chosen. We make this choice on the basis of a thorough intake interview. A market research doesn’t have to be that expensive: the more specific the research question, the more focused we can find the answer to your question.


The results of a market research give you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competition and to respond correctly to the needs of your customers.

Experience and expertise.

All market research is led by Frederik Picard, who has built up years of experience as a lecturer in market research at AP University College Antwerp. Every year, he conducts dozens of quantitative and qualitative market studies for companies and organisations in a wide variety of sectors. His insights into the theoretical framework and the practical do’s and don’ts in market research ensure that each research is carried out as efficiently as possible.

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