Should Zehnder become a consumer brand?

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Zehnder is a Swiss company specialized in ventilation, designer radiators and ceiling radiant panels. Zehnder strives for a better quality of life for its customers by offering innovative solutions that ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

As a manufacturer Zehnder focuses primarily on the professional market of installers. Within that target group Zehnder is known as pioneer and market leader in ventilation. The company is praised for its high-quality and reliable products, its custom work, know-how and strong service.

Yet Zehnder struggles with the fact that the brand is not known to the general public. It has to rely on the installer who presents the brand to the end customer as the best choice. What’s more, most people nowadays regard home ventilation more as a necessary evil and obligatory number than as an essential part of the quality of life in the home. Choosing a more qualitative and more expensive brand is not only done when the installer is fully convinced of its advantages.

In the case of Zehnder, is it important not only to be a brand for the professional, but also to become a real ‘consumer brand’ and build an audience?

That question cannot be answered in black and white. Zehnder has masses of knowledge to inform both his professional customers and the general public about a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. In that respect, the brand can easily address both target groups. In a sector and on a subject where there is still a lot of ground to cover, there is a good chance of breaking through as a brand. Zehnder could set up broad awareness-raising campaigns and develop a content marketing strategy in which the brand profiles itself as a thought leader in indoor climate. In this way, a specific demand for Zehnder products could arise from the end customer, stimulating the installer to promote that brand more. But it all depends on whether the company is able and willing to free up the necessary resources to target both target groups. Because broad campaigns mean large media budgets and content marketing means people who have to create and distribute the best, relevant content. Therefore, if insufficient resources are freed up in the long term, expanding into a consumer brand is not a good choice. If those resources are available, then Zehnder can grow into a strong consumer brand and the most important advocate for an optimal indoor climate in every home.