April 2, 2019

Work session: ‘How to map the brand identity of your organisation?’


Every company or organisation has a brand. However, not everyone is aware of its power. A brand only exists in the head of your customers or the general public. But how do you ensure that such a brand evokes the right associations? What is a brand like, how can we systematically build it up and then promote it? The work session ‘How to map the brand identity of your organisation’ guides you through the necessary steps to build strong brands.

What can you expect from this work session?

During the work session an overview is given of the different characteristics of a brand, and how a new brand and reputation can be developed. We will also discuss:

• What is a brand?
Why do we need it?
What about brand differentiation?
What different brand characteristics are there?

Afterwards, a number of practical exercises will map out the various brand properties for your organisation. The aim of the training is that the participants can tell an inspiring, credible and relevant story about who the organisation is (what & how) and what it stands for (why): simple, clear and understandable for everyone.

For whom is this work session intended?

This work session is intended for anyone who is involved within an organisation in determining the organisational brand and recording the different brand characteristics of the organisation. The work session will not turn the participants into experts in branding, but will provide sufficient information to start an intelligent conversation with a branding specialist.

Who gives this work session?

This work session is led by Frederik Picard.

Frederik Picard is managing partner of marketing and communications agency Reputations. As a lecturer in market research and digital marketing, he is working part-time at the Artesis Plantijn University College in Antwerp. Frederik is known as a challenging trainer who likes to link theory to practice. Using telling examples, he takes people with him on a journey through the training.

Practical info

Timing: on request | 9h to 12h
Location: House of Reputations, Kerkstraat 19 | 2060 Antwerp
Maximum amount of participants: 7

Price of the session

This work session is free of charge.

What happens after this work session?

After the work session you will have an idea of what steps are needed to make the communication capacity of the organisation more effective and therefore, more affordable. You will receive fascinating input and insights and a lot of inspiration to get started with.

Do you have a question about this work session? Contact Frederik Picard via frederik@reputations.be!

  • Please give us three dates that suit you and we will look for an appropriate moment together.
  • We work with a maximum of 7 participants to guarantee the quality of our training.