Etheclo: transport solutions for temperature-sensitive parcels

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Etheclo is a Belgian company specialized in offering a total solution for the transport of temperature sensitive parcels. Via a mobile application and a cloud platform, the temperature of each cold or hot package can be monitored. In addition, Etheclo offers a reusable Etheclo box that can keep goods cooled at a constant temperature for up to 36 hours. This ensures that customers can transport their parcels in a sustainable, safe and controlled way.

Reputations was asked to develop Etheclo’s brand strategy. When Etheclo’s field of work had to be determined, the company was still in the full product development phase. It already had a solution for the transport of cold products, but it was not at all occupied with looking at the hot chain as well. However, this was a very logical expansion of the product portfolio, because technologically it was completely in line with the knowledge the company had built up in the field of the cold chain. There had even been questions, but because of the focus on the cold chain they were not picked up. Nevertheless, this indicated that a market for Etheclo would eventually be open there as well. The field of work was therefore defined more broadly than what the company was active in at that time: transport solutions for temperature-sensitive packages. In this way, Etheclo made it clear that in time they were also open to looking at questions for solutions in the hot chain.