Talking beer (logically)

Brouwerij The Musketeers logo

The Musketeers is a Belgian brewery that develops special beers with an exceptional and surprising character. By drawing inspiration from different styles and flavours, the brewery creates balanced and well thought-out Belgian quality beers for the national and international market.

The brewery is known for its Troubadour beers, its beers from the Belgian Legends Series and the Bucketlist Series. The flagships of brewery The Musketeers are Troubadour Magma and Jack’s Precious IPA. You can find these beers worldwide in the better horeca and beverage stores.

As clear as this story may sound now, it was as complex in 2015. Until then, the brewery had only been working on its core mission: brewing and selling beer. There was no well thought-out brand strategy. In fact, the brand name ‘The Musketeers’ did not exist towards the outside world. The brewery had only released a number of beers under the brand name ‘Troubadour’ and one beer under the name ‘Antigoon’. There was no link between the two.

By means of a strategic exercise, the brewery’s product portfolio was reviewed. The ambitions to release new beers in the short and long term were tested. Then it was examined how the portfolio could be rebuilt in a logical structure. This showed that there was indeed a need for an umbrella brand to connect the various product lines. 15 years after the establishment, the brewery finally got a real face: The Musketeers became a brand name that would be actively played out and would play a prominent role in the promotion of its beers.

The beers were rearranged and divided into two product lines: Troubadour Series and Belgian Legends Series. The series fit into a Branded House or umbrella strategy, where the mother brand ‘The Musketeers’ connects the product brands in both visual and textual expressions. This new brand strategy did the brewery no harm. By repositioning one of their existing beers within the Belgian Legends Series and launching Jack’s Precious IPA under the new product name, the beer was able to grow into the brewery’s flagship beer, resulting in a significant increase in sales.

In 2018, the brewery purchased a historic brickworks site in Waasland to establish itself permanently. In the run-up to the opening of the new brewery, a third product line was added to the range: the Bucketlist Series. In a very simple way, these new beers could find their way into the portfolio of The Musketeers. Today, the brand strategy is embraced and cherished by the brewers as if it were one of their beers.

Partners in crime

As a regular partner, Reputations has been launching the new beers of The Musketeers for years and we take care of the online and offline communication campaigns both at home and abroad.